lately I'm trying to write songs, so maybe that covers why writing about songs took a backseat. and I'm not going to write about songs for you tonight, just writing to stop the rumours of my death or whatever. I'll post again soon, I swear it.


Water Treatment

An Experiment.

Question: How many times can I reuse a water bottle before the residue displaced from the inside of the bottle due to heat starts to hurt my stomach?

Result: 5 

Masculine/ Femenine, Earlier than the Train

The Climate, the Weather
The PLAnes
The SystEm
The ProbLem.


Like the purple fall of dusk,
Lifting the heat
off of
The city's corners
Changing the color of the graffiti.



overslept this morn,
gotta be catchin' myself.
don't you rain on me

back and forth, L train.
twelve more stops 'till class begins
i did no homework.

early i'm awake,
New York City, let me sleep
work at eight ain't great.

busy busy bee,
up and down a train called V
sleep did forget me

sick as your old dog
mumbling 'till i can't no more
leave me to my self.

sometimes hear you say,
it don't smell like love to me.
i can't smell at all.

glass-bottle blues, babe.
stumblin' down this busy road,
hiccups a-plenty.

once the brown guitar
let me know not to forget
we're all folk singers.


Great Twos

Two Men that I think 
show bravado, classical man-ness, and a redefined cool:
- Clint Eastwood 
- Sam Cooke

Two Companies I think show 
innovation, success, and are also cool:
-Jet Blue

Two Toppings I think show superior food-altering capabilities:
- Franks Red Hot Hot Sauce (not necessarily cool)
- Peanut Butter

Any additions (examples or categories)?



Prisoners are those who have offended the state (and usually some third party) in some punishable way (and been caught).

Within the Western Art world, we no longer (necessarily) consider the art we produce to be "good" for its beauty, composition, style, or form, but based on who it offends and how:

Art that is offensive for the sake of being offensive is not what I would call "good" art.

But art that is honest, art that raises important societal questions offends society in a way that aims to move it forward.

I find artists and criminals share this connection: both groups, if we can separate them, offend us: prisoners through negative action (rape, murder, theft) while artists (for the most part) through a more positive medium.

There are a lot of parenthetical comments and holes in this idea, yeah, but what's absolute or politically correct these days?