This song is probably about nothing.
This song probably won't move you in many ways,
but that's not really the point.

I recently perused Aquarium Drunkard for some music while I neglect going to RadioShack or something to find a missing cable for my external hard drive (which has most of my music), and came across a post about Fugazi's Peel Sessions, which were recorded on December 11, 1988.

I think "Waiting Room" might have been the first Fugazi song I ever heard, and was instantly hooked on the band.  Ian Mackaye has done things for punk rock we probably will never know.

This song here represents the past few months, really.  Just waiting, waiting, waiting in my hometown, at my mother's house to hear back from schools, friends, girlfriends, etc.  Now I'm not longer waiting.  Now I'm in, out...I've got my answer, I've been served.  No more places in line, the doctor's called, and I'm cured.

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Ben said...

i like this a lot. and you got it right about mr. mackaye.