Reflections #2

(from The Big Picture)

When someone shouts/hollers/yells/whoops in public alone, people might think they're crazy.
While if someone does the same in a group, people might think they have a great story.
The problem is that everyone has some kind of good story.

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Will said...

Yeah, it's really just a matter of how they tell it. While waiting for a friend in Union Square on friday, I met Harvey, or, DJ Love as he calls himself.

He was listening to that new Eminem feat. Dr. Dre single, "Crack a Bottle", and proceeded to tell me how Marshall Mathers is his favorite white boy. And 50 Cent's, too. But 50 Cent has to call Eminem his favorite white boy. You know, because Eminem and Shady Aftermath is the reason 50 Cent is famous. That's why it's Shady Aftermath. Because 50 Cent was on another label before that. Then Shady picked him up...

Did you know DJ Love (Harvey) was locked up for eleven years? He got out four months ago. Do you know where he was locked up? His mind. He hated himself. For eleven years. Then he found Jesus. Jesus was always there, actually, but Harvey couldn't find him.

Did I tell you about his tattoos? on one arm, his right, he has a tattoo of his name, Harvey, on a banner. Behind the banner is Death, with a sickle and a hammer and a black cloak and skeleton face and appendages... Above that was a figure, it was too cold to see the whole thing...

This lasted about a half hour. He told me about his right arm, his tattoos, his left arm, his tattoos...

Several times.