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I've been taking a bit of a hiatus from WSHE these summer months, shifting gears.

New pieces are in the works, and will be up soon. In the meantime:

"What You've Done to My World," by Mark Greif (N+1).

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Clay B. said...

Ian McKaye came to speak at my school this past semester and spoke about the straight edge mantra that came from the lyrics quoted in his minor threat song and how they came to be loaded with all this stigma and religious criticism that he never intended. he described the 'i don't drink, smoke, or fuck' as as response to the problems he saw growing up in dc when he did. he made a point too to emphasize that just because he didn't fuck, definitely didn't mean he didn't have sex- he did, he was a normal hormonal young man- but just that he was respectful to those around him, men, women, friends strangers. some people apparently took it differently.
on a unrelated note... punk energy is so rad!