Lukewarm Sunshine

I woke up with a hangover, yet with the additional energy and determination relegated from the notion of getting the fuck out of Myrtle Beach, and also from the cocktails still circulating within me like a reused, worn down, dry record from a singer wearing a bad toupee and a mauve suit singing about lukewarm sunshine for six days now. We spent a short time in the morning loudly singing random lines from songs that reminded me of Asbury Park. We were trying to force the stale air out of our lungs, each person focused on their own progress.

Pseudo-indifferently, we all said goodbye, really saying goodbye to the three fellas who were going back to the University of South Carolina- the guys we wouldn't see back at school or for a while, which made me sincerely sad, and I hoped to see the somewhere along in the future. 

We left in our car, a posh Lexus SUV (which reminded my of a childhood friend's family car). Anyways, we popped some dramamine and got on the road heading north, drugged up and passed out, dreamily flying through mist-like glimpses of the dry and temperate early-spring of the South. 

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