"While You Wait for the Others" - Grizzly Bear

I'll make this short. I have to get up for a 14 hour road trip in t-minus: 5 hours.

This song makes me remember when I was in middle school, 
and a song hit me, and I would listen to it four times a day for at least 2 weeks.
The song taught me a new emotion; it made me just that much more of a free person.
It reminds me of being in an airplane in the sixties. Or reflecting on that image in the nineties. But in a complex way that can only be recognized acknowledging that it is neither decade, and that is fine with us.
It reminds me of the stories behind a jean jacket. But the stories are what are important, not some piece of worn and frayed denim. 

You're waiting for the others, and they could be drunk, it doesn't matter, you're ahead and you're walking at a moderate pace. 
And you're excited, you're walking down a main avenue in the evening, light is still somehow subtly pervading the air above the buildings but below the sky.
You're excited about breathing in the air, confident all of these possibilities- too vague and important to put into words, let alone to explain to those following behind- will materialize and compress like thunderclouds in the distance, dribbling over the flat terrain, beyond the buildings. Everyone will find shelter soon. The heat will make the rain evaporate gently off of the pavement. 

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katherine said...

We are listening to this song after midnight, the hour when we chase down fast food tacos, chocolate covered raisins, carbonated beverages posing as amphetamines, when we are
dodging the skunks and the drag-racing off-duty taxi cabs on North Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island.