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The Beatles played, well, not really The Beatles, but they did play their hits.  Heck, they could have been BIGGER than The Beatles, read the sign behind them.  

I was on West 21st, at the SVA art studios between 5th and 6th aves., in to see a friend's art show.  People were smoking at every open window, in the middle of the studio, and in every secluded space.

"It's just part of the installations" they told me.

I was introduced to a group of girls, Alison, Jane, and Olivia, while they were attempting to gulp down what may have been the hardest tasting wine I've ever sampled.  They too were there to see the same friend, among others.  

We spoke of people we both knew, of schools, of New York, Connecticut, and the summer to come.  When I asked her plans for the summer, the girl named Olivia was more than happy to tell me about the traveling art collective in which she was participating, known as The Patchwork Caravan.

Loud so as to be heard over the live music that had encompassed the live performances that followed the reception,

"Do you have anything to write on?" She asked.

I handed her a matchbook.

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