ohmygod. it's summer.

let's go to some shows.


Jackson said...

yeah boi. what shows you gonna be goin to?

Tyler said...

I don't know, I haven't gotten around to checking the who-what-when-where (why?) yet. what shows are YOU gonna be going to?

I will say this, I wanna see Naked Raygun, if they come to NYC I'll lose my brains.

Will said...

good call, bussey, good call. ever since we first tried to cover soldier's requiem when i was what, 13? I've wanted to see them. in the worst way.

Jackson said...

yeah me neither, no concrete plans yet. tryin to see a whole mess of shows though. lets talk. i'll be up in nyc a bunch i think.

oh and i thought naked raygun was...something else entirely haha. until i read will's comment. i might not lose my brains, but i'll check em out if they come through. i trust you guys and your musics.

Tyler said...

Naked Raygun is a punk band from Chicago, their golden years were in the eighties and apparently they've reunited, reunion-tour stylé. I read a rave about their set at SXSW. totally unsurprising, because they're the shit.

get in touch when you're heading towards us. we aren't limited to shows; we can also play poker. and this time, maybe I'll beat you. for me, it's like Scrabble, second time's the charm.