The Brooklyn Social Scene, Part 1.

I was changing my sheets the other evening, which is not something I do on a regular basis.  Since moving to Brooklyn, my closet-sized bedroom has succumbed to my messy ways; most of my life has yet to be unpacked.  It was once shoved inside the back of a U-Haul, (clothes, couch, and all) and driven every-which-way around New York (Don't use Map Quest if you're driving a truck) until I finally landed in Bushwick, somewhere off the L or the M train.

It would have been easier if most of the roads I'd been advised to take hadn't been for "passenger cars only".  

Now, I find myself waking up every morning to redundant proclaimations of mediocre rappers, motorcycles, car horns, drug deals, skateboards, stick ball, arguments, and the occasional fly on my face...

Back to the other evening. 

Cleaning my room, changing my sheets, putting clean clothes away and the dirty ones in a hamper; making it nice and nice for any guests that might wander in some kind of drunken haze into my bedroom (and of course the inexplicable male expectation of some lady-friend), I couldn't help hearing random beeps, rhymes, and computer-generated keyboard sounds coming from Euna's (ooh-na's) room.

Twenty minutes later, Jacob (one of my other room mates) and Euna, henceforth to be known as Cucci (pronounced like the coarse slang word for vagina) & Coco (pronounced...well, i think you get it)  showed me their finished product.  It goes something like this...

I think it's just absolutely hilarious, to sum it up in a word.
please remix this song if you'd like and send it back.  I'll post my favorites.


Tyler said...

This post SUCKS.

Tristan said...

I really digged the remix.. just because it sounds just like, uh, I will Survive. hah