As Promised

Recently, we have had some new feedback. As promised, if the feedback could be expounded upon, shall we say, more precisely, I promised to post it. here it is. please give us more feedback. we love constructive criticism in all forms...

when i read this tyler dudes shit, it sounds like hes bringing more attention to how dope he can write and how big his vocab is rather than what hes actually writin about. ya feel me? that pisses me off

why write more and say less when u can write less and say more? tell me, what sounds more real

"i bulls-eyed the song's heart, i plotted each fanfare, each cry" 


"i truly FELT the pain in that song"

in my opinion, when u leave it at that (or whatever) its like ur inviting whoevas readin into feelin it too without giving away too much. u let them experience it fo themselves

i dunno man, r my ramblins gonna stop u fools from writing like a buncha intellectuals who look down at fools like me and go "oh he must listen to t-pain, he must be uncultured"? probably not. ye i listen to hip-hop, maybe u guys should too... and not just the hiphop that pitchfork recommends. yall ever heard smif-n-wessun? bump some of "dah shinin" its a straight classic

dont assume i listen to t-pain. that fools got dolla signz in his eyez. 

i try not to overanalyze what i read and what i hear. thats what bitches do, which is why they neva know what the fuck they want in life. don't be a bitch... keep it simple boyz


A quick response...
We appreciate comments. We don't appreciate insults. First off, This is a creative writing blog, not a file sharing blog, or a US weekly, etc... In defense of Tyler, he never claimed that you/ the reader liked T-Pain (although we hope you do), he claimed HE liked T-Pain. As do I- and NOT ironically. Sincerity is something truly lacking in today's pop culture. That is what we appreciate about your comments. Respect, though, that we are also being sincere, expressing ourselves to our friends and those interested. That is what art is. That is why this blog exists- the whole meaning IS feeling. So it seems kind of pointless to say, this song made me feel something. That would get repetitive and dull. 
So, just for you, Levelle (and of course myself, which is why I started this blog in the first place), look out for some posts on hip hop very soon. But don't expect me to post it and say "I like this." This is a creative writing blog. Keep that in mind. Don't like it, don't read it.


Anonymous said...

yo i guess this is like where one fool says "i love black chicks" and another fool is like "i think black chicks is nasty"... u aint gonna convince the otha fool to suddenly want black chicks, and u cant say hes wrong for not liking black chicks

Clay B. said...

i loves all chicks equally, especially the hot ones.

Tyler said...

Hey Levelle, I'm sorry if I pissed you with that off-hand T-Pain remark I made. I meant no offense.

And keep in mind that I said it after you called me (in order) -- bitch, pussy, fag, koochbrush. How SHOULD I have responded?

Thank you, though, for the next comment you made. I probably can't convince you that I was really just writing what I was thinking and not, as you claim, showing off my vocabulary. (My vocabulary sucks, you'd know that if you hung out with me.)

I will give you this: usually I write quickly and I don't edit too much, and I think it shows from time to time. But editing and being careful when I write, that's what I do in class. When I write here, I try to enjoy myself. It's like when you hear a gospel musician cutting loose with his friends -- it's not because it's better music when he cuts loose necessarily, it's because he doesn't get to do it in church.

Anyway, no hard feelings.

Will said...

i think it stands for st. diego.

no, i think german for a whale's vagina.

well i think the translation has been lost to history...

it's definitely st. diego.

agree to disagree.

wisdom, levelle.