Walked a few blocks too far.  They said it was 915, but somehow we'd managed to walk to 1080.  Fuck.  It was how many blocks past the subway? 

Found the place, seven bucks at the door.  Snuck in some 40s and drank them in the most clandestine way we could think:  in the bag.  put 'em at your feet when you're not.  

Some girl from NYU kept hitting on me.  

And somewhere between awkward conversations, Snakes Say Hiss, and some nonplussing hindie Brooklyn rock and roll, Hearts of Darknesses ripped apart the room, kniving through the audience: christ-like, subterranean group of twentysomethings and college students with the synth line in "Vibes".  

I was just standing there; paralyzed, St. Ides in hand, staring straight ahead, but inside I was dancing, repeating a phrase in my head over and over.  It was one that's been stuck in my head for months now.  

"Clementine, Everything is falling apart."  

A few weeks later, I'm sitting in the ruins, smiling out from where the walls once were.

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