Long time no write, eh?


Death Cab on Daytrotter (thanks again, Daytrotter)

For me, a fascinating listen - to hear how Ben's voice has changed, grown older, less stoic, but always textured. Notice how markedly different "A Movie Script Ending" and "Styrofoam Plates" sound, for starters; the arrangements are almost a little too perfect, like the guitar rock of The Photo Album is pure patty-cake compared to what the new tunes tend to require. (And personally, I prefer the bitterness and angry kineticism of "Styrofoam Plates" to the creepiness of "I Will Possess Your Heart". I think Ben is stretching out as a songwriter, which is only natural, but he might be getting into territory less suited to his skills.) DCFC is a totally different band today, this session gives the definitive proof, case closed.


Of course, nothing beats the Frog Eyes session. I'll leave you to find that one.

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Clay B. said...

the frog eyes session is so great. a great band live too, which might surprise some people