Sun Kil Moon - “Lost Verses”

When a song nails the trick silence loves to pull: nothing but a dark calm, the kind you can swim, dive beneath the waves or float on your back with the sun, the clouds crossing the sky like a ritual -

I wish the ocean really was that way, like I always imagine it, moving through the air, above my ears, and I have Kitty Pryde’s superpower, Mark Kozelek’s guitars, and those voices to listen to.

What if your breath could be that steady? Does love swallow you up the way it swallows me, does it rescue you from doubt, from trouble, from fate? Or does love deliver you, and all that you carry, right back to what you ran from, whispering: Find that calm; where the stillness of the moon turns the silent tide, floating lightly to the song, into the sea.


I haven’t heard the new REM album yet, but their Take Away Show is fucking great; so, you know, if that’s any indication.

Watching Norah Jones right now on Letterman, she looks and sounds divine. Think I’ll write about her next time.

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