Animal Collective on Take Away Shows

Recently, the awesome website, Take Away Shows (see link) posted two videos with Animal Collective as their featured artists. This matters. I told a friend a month or so ago that if they weren't the most influential band of the decade, I would give him permission to kick my ass (on a purposefully undisclosed future date). The cohesion of their band and the sound they create is evident in the grassroots publications, if you will, of their most recent work (see once again the Take Away Show Link). But one doesn't even need to look to the new year to see the evidence. Take for instance, their show in DC on September 28th of this past year, which NPR recorded and released as a free live podcast (still readily available on iTunes), which features their most cohesive confluence of ideas and influences yet. Animal Collective has developed into a vector of a band, sucking in any and all influences, be it Caribbean and African instrumental melodies, hip hop-like volume bass, drum circle percussion, synthesizer manipulation, mantra-like acoustic guitar looping, or even Beach Boys singing. They breath in their lives, mince up ideas like wild children abandoned by society, living like wolves in the forests of the world, tearing up their food, unadulteratedly howling, chanting, and banging. They are excited about nature and the simplest of social constructs. They dress like homeless young men from the pacific northwest or canada. They forget about manners, but do it without punk vanity or cultural disdain. Manners are a societal salad fork: pretentious and unnecessary- and therefore impure. 
Animal Collective's enthusiasm for being original unto themselves streams out so inspiringly, they begin to seem more than original. They begin to seem objective. So optimistically objective. And its great.

More on them later.


Chris said...

Animal Collective is lame as hell. Heed:

- If I wanted mildly pleasant sounds I could zone out to while stoned, I would buy a tape of "soothing sounds of the ocean" or whatever.
- Taking off your shoes is not an effective form of rebellion.
- This band's entire body of work has officially replaced "Loveless" and "Kid A" as a rite of passage for college freshmen and sophomores.
- "This song, it's totally about smoking WEED, man. If Animal Collective were here right now, I bet they'd SMOKE WEED with us"
- It's basically just Einsturzende Neubauten, except like 25 years too late and with no fucking balls.
- Fuck this shit.

I thought you were cool, clay :(

- Chris Colli

Clay B. said...

So close-minded young colli!
Its not about weed, its about imagination and excitement simply about creativity and about
the type of energy alternative minded and eastern individuals get excited about. its about
positivity and originality. heres a weird metaphor i just thought of (keep in mind everything is subjective), but what they're going for-that energy- is the ocean and all of the life in it. now, you can take a glass-bottom boat tour and see the sharks, corals, and sea cucumbers through that... or you can swim in the ocean. and dive down and touch and see for you self and immerse yourself. if you want a glass-bottom boat, animal collective is for smoking weed. if you want to swim with whales, animal collective is for getting psyched on life and nature.

john said...

1) Hey Chris. What's up.

2) I mean, it's very easy to criticize something great, original, and new. Find something a bit more difficult next time! (Come on. I know you can do it!)

3) I challenge you to find a group of musicians more talented, creative, versatile, and productive as Animal Collective, instead of shoving them into an easy, freshmen/sophomore-rite-of-passage-sub-genre. (I'm sure you miss masturbating to Kid A sometimes, right? Come on. We all do.)

4) In the meantime, you can just get high and listen to your nautical recordings instead of Animal Collective. Or take off your shoes. I don't really care. Whichever you prefer.

5) Einsturzende Neubauten = no. German's have been emasculated since WWII.

6) Lists are cooler with numbers.

Chris said...

Alright man, I will concede you one thing: Lists are definetely cooler with numbers.

As far as productivity and originality go, Nick Cave has a new album coming out way soon (hint: write about Nick Cave). Over the past 30 years Nick Cave has churned out everything from abrasive-as-fuck post punk to beautifully melodic love ballads. He also wrote the screenplay and music for a movie (2006's The Proposition), plus a couple of books, plus some sort of spoken word deally about the perfect love song. Everything he does is totally different from his last effort, and he hasn't taken a break yet, nor does he show any signs of slowing down.

Einsturzende Neubauten just did a world tour last year. Every EN album has totally shattered audiences perceptions of what they were gonna do next. It's all new and different, and causes you to feel more emotions than "psyched about nature" or whatever.

I dunno man, I ain't opposed to new things or whatever, but it seems like alot of the time "new and different" is a huge fucking copout. I'm convinced nobody actually likes Animal Collective. People just pretend to like them, so that if someone questions it, they can be like "YOU ARE SO CLOSED-MINDED AND UNWORLDLY". It's like some whole new kick to wave over other peoples heads to prove who's cooler than who. So, really, whatever. I'll stay listening to my abrasive records from the olden days of rock. And I think I've earned the right to be disillusioned.

I have 7 months off the drugs, by the way.

Clay B. said...

i actually love them.
and also, congrats. thats good to hear!
... at least people/ a person is/are reading.