Guitar Massage

I promised myself I wouldn't post twice in one day. In defense, that last post was before midnight. Now it's after midnight. so back off.

Monday Night:

Text message conversation
Ferrer: hey will, i'm in town tonight. what are you doing
Me: i'm swamped and i was going to bed im really tired
Ferrer: oh okay man i'll talk to you later
Me: sorry, night.

Well, I was tired, but not that tired. The stoic grandmother in me forbade driving in the snow this late, and I didn't want to make Matt.  I felt like an ass and really wanted to see (Matt) Ferrer, so I said "aw, fuck it", and called him:

(Matt) Ferrer: Hey Will
Me: Hey, What are you up to?
Matt: Nothing, man, just watching America's Funniest Home Videos.
Me: Cool, man. Hey, I'm not really that tired. Did you want to come over?
Matt: Sure! I'll be there in fiiiive minutes.
Me: See ya.

So I went into the fridge, grabbed a few beers and shortly after, Matt arrived with a video camera. He proceeded to show me this:

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