A.A. Bondy – “Black Rain, Black Rain”

I’d like you to meet my brother. You know, there are innumerable songs out there that state, flat-out, You’re not alone, and sometimes, the sentiment is enough. Hey, Song, you’re right! What was I thinking, feeling so lonesome? Usually, it takes more than words, more than mellifluous tones. It takes a song like this, a song so full-blooded and spine-tingling – he sings, just slightly trembling, and I feel it, and I can’t mistake it. And brother, I’m wrecked.

And I wonder what exactly Bondy’s fearing, what exactly’s got a hold on him. I’m not sure he really knows. And you know, I wonder the same things about me, too.

A.A. Bondy – “Vice Rag”

Sweetness and muscle. An insatiable song, a human song. I want it all! NOW! (CLOMP!)

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