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Chatting with my old pal Chris,* listening to songs we loved in high school, and I, discovering I still love them:

tyler (10:17:17 PM): okay, almost over, calvin krime’s
up next
tyler (10:18:48 PM): actually no, garrison first, “focus, focus, focus”
tyler (10:18:53 PM): this song is way better than I remember it
tyler (10:19:15 PM): this is evil pop!
tyler (10:19:18 PM): CORPSES FOR CANNIBALS!
tyler (10:19:22 PM): DA-NA-NA-NA
tyler (10:19:41 PM): oh man this outro is killer
tyler (10:20:00 PM): my bad that was just a bridge!
tyler (10:20:01 PM): haha!

At this point, I begin my slow descent into madness.


*Only now with formatting!


Okay, enough messing around...

You might not know J. Robbins by name, but you’re probably familiar with his work. The man’s musical achievements are too many to list – fronting the legendary Jawbox, producing tons of amazing records (including the subject of today’s post). To put it more succinctly, he’s given us a hell of a lot.

And there’s probably no better way to give back than by contributing to the care of his son. I don’t have the articulation; just read for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

(And yes - I recognize there's not many people reading this. But something’s better than nothing.)

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