Two Poems In One. (For the Short-of-Attention-Span.)

"Or:  Poetry, With Commentary. 
(no. 1)

I'm going to regret this later. 

I secretly have a crush on this girl i sit next to. on the bus. every day.
(but i'm writing it online so as not to actively draw it to your attention.)

She doesn't know me.
(but i wish she did. i stalk her on facebook.)

(just kidding.)
(or am i.)


I listen to Classic Rock just a little too loud on my iPod.
(maybe she'll hear it and think i'm cool.)

She gets off on the same stop as me.
(as there are no coincidences.)

And walks across the street.
Then heads towards 14th,
I walk down to 11th.

(too much?)
Every day.

"Title Pending. 
(i'm not creative enough to think of one.)"
(no. 2)

I have a thing for French singers.
(je n'avais jamais pas parler français.)

(¿está correcto?)

Some Piaf albums in my collection.
(that's record collection, ladies.)

I really like that one song she does.
(you know, the french one.)



Been in Colorado since last Friday.  
I've bought records but no CDs, perhaps a music update a little later.

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