Lykke Li - “Tonight”

Mouth goes: Hey!...

Head goes: Wow. She’s the prettiest flapper I’ve ever seen.

So! It’s been awhile!

Just say it, just say – “You know what I’ve been meaning to ask you, for a really long time now? If you’re into me at all, because I’m… well, I don’t know if I’m shy or introverted, necessarily…

Oh, just working; reading a lot…

I was almost to the door at the Shyness Research Institute, in fact, but I sorta got cold feet, I guess…

Listening to records. Yeah, I just got here, too. So… how long will you be here for?

… but if you have to ask, I guess that means you’re shy, y’know?”

Oh, I can get that for you!

If we start a dance… uh… what if we lose touch? Before the song ends?

AND THEN YOU NOTICE, then it hits your ears, not what she’s been sayin’ but how she’s been sayin’ it – then you know, and your eyes smile and her eyes smile back, as if to say “Took you long enough!!”

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