Never been to Montreal, Recently

In all my few years at school, living so close / (so far?)  to / (away from) Montreal, seeing its sign on the 87, I never did have the balls to make that left turn onto its entrance. Maybe next year. (I always say that.)  I hope I do. I went to Montreal once before, but I lost all of my money to the "World's Third Largest Casino" and numerous contact strip sessions.

Anyways, a friend recommended MGMT to me today. Now, I may be a few years behind on the MGMT scene, but it certainly did strike a chord with me. I really can't take "Oracular Spectacular" (2007) off my imaginary turntable at the moment. "Kids" sounds familiar, in a good way. I'm sure it has been sampled here or there. 
I loves it. 
Also, Happy Valentines Day. And if you don't have a Valentine, well fuck it. There's always tomorrow. 


Will said...

are those the clintons?

ELI said...

why yes! of course!