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Drive-By Truckers – “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife”

Sarah: Anne! Oh my God. I just heard about Jack.

Anne: I know, I found out last night. It’s so terrible.

Sarah: And he’d been getting better, he was making so much progress…

Anne: Yes, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it?

Sarah: And those girls. My God. Have you talked to Lucy yet?

Anne: Me and some of the gals went by earlier. She’s gonna have some trouble with the bills of course, so we’re all pooling something together. Will you be at church tomorrow? They’re giving Lucy the collection. Probably announce something about the service, too, if they figure it by then.

Sarah: Of course, I’ll be there, I’ll bring John, and the kids. Oh, God… will she be there?

Anne: No, I don’t think so.

Sarah: Oh. … so… you saw her? How’s she…?

Anne: She’s someplace else, y’know?

Sarah: Lord… I would be absolutely beside myself.

Anne: Yes… she’s tryin’ to keep busy, and the girls’re always a handful, but she’s hardly keepin’ it together. I’m goin’ back there later to see if there’s anything I can do, you should come.

Sarah: Of course. I will. Hopefully this weather will let up some. … goodness, ain’t it somethin’ how an absence can have such a presence. … what about the girls, how’re they taking it?

Anne: Couldn’t say, I barely saw them. When I got there Luce said they were out back playin’, so I s’pose that’s where they were.

Sarah: Y’mean, in the yard…?

Anne: See, that’s the strange part. ‘Cause I saw them for just a moment as I was leavin’, they’d come into the kitchen, and you know how it’s been drizzlin’ all mornin’. There wasn’t a rain-drop on either one of ‘em, and they had on some pretty dresses. So I don’t know what Luce was thinkin’.

Sarah: What were they doing when you saw them?

Anne: Holding hands.


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